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PROTOform X-Lite On-Road RC Bodies

PROTOform X-Lite Bodies For Touring Cars

Just announced by PROTOform are X-Lite series on-road bodies. The X-Lite bodies are extremely lightweight in design, thus helping to lower the center of gravity on your touring car. The X-Lite series bodies can result in more responsive handling, less traction roll, as well as faster lap times.

* PROTOform X-Lite LTC-R #1505-20
* PROTOform X-Lite MS7 #1555-20
* PROTOform X-Lite Type-S #1560-20
* PROTOform X-Lite D9 #1564-20

Street pricing for the PROTOform X-Lite Bodies comes in at $29 and you can hit up This Link to read more PROTOform news on BigSquidRC.


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