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Psycho Nitro Blast 2009 Video

Bill mailed me a link to this video from the Psycho Nitro Blast from 2009. This is only the first few minutes of the A-Main buggy class, but what’s cool is just insane air and layout of this track! I can see why so many people go to this event! The jumps are HUGE and so is the track.. with buggy’s they have about a 50 second lap time! Imagine that with a 10th scale SC truck! LOL. It looks like a ton a fun, I wish more tracks tried this once in while.. I know they would get more bashers! Although I could here the racer locals crying foul already!

Might have to hit up this event next year!

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Posted by in Events on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 at 12:16 am