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Quadcopter Shootout – Ease of Flying


When you go out to buy a new quadcopter, how easy it is to fly is an important factor. If it’s too hard you’ll be overwhelmed and not have fun, or it might be so hard that all you accomplish is crashing the heck out of it.

To determine which was easiest to fly we had our three testers simply fly the quads back-to-back, doing various maneuvers to compare how they stacked up. The testers were not allowed to talk about or “trade notes” during the testing process, we were looking for their independent opinions.

Here’s each of our testers rated the quads for ease of flying-


1. Heli-Max 1SQ
2. Traxxas QR-1
3. Ares Ethos QX 75


1. Heli-Max 1SQ
2. Ares Ethos QX 75
3. Traxxas QR-1


1. Heli-Max 1SQ
2. Traxxas QR-1
3. Ares Ethos QX 75

Overall Scores, Ease of Flying
Just like in golf, the lower the score, the better.

PointsQuad NameScore
1Heli-Max 1SQ3
2Traxxas QR-17
3Ares QX 758

The Heli-Max was the unanimous winner in the Ease of Flying category, all three testers felt it was the easiest to fly. The Heli-Max seemed to go exactly where you pointed the controls to go, requiring very little course or height correction.

In second place was the Traxxas, with two second place votes and one third. The Traxxas needed more input from the person flying than the Heli-Max, and seemed slightly less stable overall.

In third place overall was the Ares, it was voted as the hardest to fly by two of the testers, while the other ranked it second. The Ares seemed to need constant height adjustment while flying. For example, if you were to give the Ares a bit of input to go to the left, it would also change height, requiring even more input from the person behind the sticks.

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