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Quadcopter Shootout – Features


Features are always an important factor to consider before buying a new quadcopter. Many a buying decision has been formed over just one little extra feature. How did our field stack up?

Just like in golf, the lower the score, the better.

PlaceQuad Name
1Traxxas QR-1
2Ares QX 75
3Heli-Max 1SQ

In first place is the feature filled Traxxas. What puts it on top is 6 axis control, the ability to flip, visible LED’s, a dual battery charger and 2 batteries.

Second place goes to the Ares. It lacks the 6 axis control, LED’s, and second battery of the Traxxas. It does have a sweet auto-flip button that makes you look awesome in front of others.

In third place is the Heli-Max. The Heli-Max isn’t set up to auto flip, has only 3 axis control, doesn’t have LED’s, and it comes with only a single charger and one battery.

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