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R1 Wurks LCG Digital-3 Brushless ESC

New from R1 Wurks is the LCG Digital-3 Brushless ESC. Just like the name implies, the ESC was designed to keep its weight as low as possible on your chassis to help improve handling. Here are just some of its features-

* Ultra-smooth power delivery for mod classes
* Ultra-efficient for stock classes
* Advanced component level cooling system
* Zero timing blinky mode
* Improved air velocity through case
* Easy to change programming via smart device with wireless adapter
* Super fast live telemetry
* Built in data logging
* Full aluminum case
* 30mm fan
* Built-in 1S/2S booster BEC
* 2S max cell count, 3.5 turn motor limit

You can use this link to get more details on the R1 Wurks LCG Digital-3 Brushless ESC, or you can Click On This Link to read more brushless news on BigSquidRC.

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Posted by in New Products on Friday, February 1st, 2019 at 10:09 am