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R31House GRK Global drift chassis from RC Mart

It would seem that the trend in super high-end drift machines moving to more affordable versions is spreading. R31House’s GRK drift platform was one of the more expensive and rare drift chassis on the market. Now in cooperation with RC Mart, R31House is releasing the GRK Global chassis to be a little more friendly on the wallet. The 299 dollar price feels like pennies when you compare it to the flagship GRK2+’s 700 dollar price tag!

This version of the GRK features a few tweaks to improve on older designs and hop-ups will be available to fully bling this machine out should you choose to. I’ve laid hands on a GRK2 and its silky smooth slider steering rack is legendary. The GRK Global will be minus a lot of the billet aluminum of the GRK2 pictured above and there has been some debate weather this latest machine will come counter-steer out of the box. Regardless I expect nothing short of a fantastic chassis from this version with a price tag that makes it much more attainable.

Available in late May 2015

Features and photos of the prototypes below:

– New Suspension Geometry

– Aeration Style Damper For Better Control And Smoother Slide

– New Designed Easy Access Aluminum Motor Mount

– Steering Rack Designed To Have Minimal Geometry Slop

– CFRP carbon Chassis and Upper Deck For minimal Weight

– Compatible wigh GRK2 Series Gear

– Easy to Access Gear Box Design

– 4 Point Stabilized Gearbox Design To Achieve Great Precision

– Aluminum Hop Ups to Replace / Upgrade Current Plastic Parts Will Be
available Soon


– Size: 1/10 scale

– Wheelbase: 255mm-265mm

– Tread: Front 194mm Rear 192mm

– Gear Ratio: Internal Ratio (2.4375)(39/16)

– Drive System: Shaft/ 4WD

– Damper: Oil Damper w/ bumper control

– Suspension: 6 Holes (0.8) Damper Oil 500# (Silicon O Ring & Rubber Damper
Oil Seal)

– Steering System: Rail type

– Bearing: Full Ball bearings

– Caster: 7 degrees

– Camber: +5 to -15 degrees

Photos are of a prototype model. Final product may differ slightly.

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