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radient ascend charger

Radient Ascend Charger

radient ascend chargerThe Radient folks have a new charger that is going to be a Hobby Town exclusive. It’s called the Radient Ascend, and can charge NiCd/NiMH as well as LiPO and LiFe. It’s an upgrade from the Radient Primal as this one can charge at 6 Amps. It can charge 1-8 NiMH cells and 2-3 LiPo cells. It also has a LCD display which will make it much easier to setup and get going. The Retail price is about $59.

Expect to see it on the Hobby Town site or in your local Hobby Town shop soon.

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Posted by in Hobby Town, Radient on Monday, December 5th, 2011 at 10:51 pm