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Raging Rotor News: For the Cause! DIY Quad Supplies via Kickstarter?!

Looking to DIY some RC without too much of the Y? I have found a new source to try out new and interesting multirotor projects: Kickstarter. Granted not a standard method of looking for RC, but you would be surprised what kind of projects you can find in the technology section of that site, besides the means of providing support for inventors and entrepreneurs worldwide

For instance, a group called Game of Drones has come up with an ultra-tough quadcopter frame. By supporting their project for a few dollars, you can get your name on a thank you list for being a great person or support them even more to get a whole frame, or even an RTR Quadcopter featuring their tough frame! Check out the Game of Drones Kickstarter profile for more details and check out the gallery below to see the quad frame. For more cool tech, check out the whole list on Kickstarter!

After watching the video above, I think we need to get in on that one.

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Posted by in News, rc helicopter on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 7:00 pm