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Raging Rotors: FAA and the Rules, and an Amazonian Outcry

This past Sunday the FAA announced their proposed set of rules for commercial ‘drone’ use. Now we all know that ‘drones’ is not the correct term, but I am NOT getting black bagged by the government again.

Here’s the skinny for those who want to use multirotors to earn some extra money:

  • Pass an exam to prove proficiency
  • Visual Line of Sight flying only (NO FPV)
  • 500 foot altitude maximum (based on take off point being 0 ft)
  • Daytime flying only (Sunrise to Sunset Local Time)

What do these rules mean for recreational flyers? Go about your business.

What does this mean for companies like Amazon that want to do ‘drone’ based delivery systems? Sorry, guys, better luck next time. The rule of visual line of sight definitely puts a hamper on their plans, but they are ready to fight this, as mentioned on USA Today.

When will these rules take affect? Currently, that is unknown. The FAA has opened the floor for discussion for the public to voice their opinions for the next 90 days. Many news sources are saying that the rules won’t kick in (if not modified at all) for a minimum of 18 months, but we all know the big dogs of Amazon will unleash the legal hounds at the FAA.

For now, I’m making my popcorn and waiting for those fireworks.

Until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

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Posted by in Raging Rotors, rc helicopter on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 at 5:17 pm