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Raging Rotors: More Than Meets The Eye…

Blade 200QX BNF in FlightHey Guys, Tomato Sauce here! Missed you last week due to an opportunity to work for a big RC Company, and sadly my carry-on could only carry so much contraband stuff.

Lately I have been doing a lot of product spotlights and how-tos, but this week I feel a little Cubby-esque and thought I’d borrow his soapbox. I was enjoying the beautiful day yesterday (pre storm, of course) flying my Nano QX out on the back patio, and with all the great press and sales in the multirotor market (see me on TV last week?)I couldn’t help but remember a cautionary tale. I had a customer, let’s say his name is Bub, come in with an AMAZING hexcopter he was building. He spared no expense: 3D Robotics was his best friend and set him up with Ardupilot, Gimbals, and all the fixings to make an amazing aerial photography platform. Bub had one problem though: He had ZERO flight hours recorded, RC or otherwise. Bub is a great guy, and I feel his pain since his very first test flight more than a basic 1-foot hover cost him the entire multirotor; gone in a flash and I haven’t seen him since.

I am just as guilty, but one thing that us RC Pilots need to remember is that we make it look easy. Even on a simple Estes ProtoX: it is a great quadcopter perfect for indoor flight, but is really touchy and squirrely to any beginner. If I can make one long lasting point, NEVER tell anyone something is easy. Just remember you were crashing TONS when you first picked up the hobby, and especially with how large the hobby grade aircraft world has grown in making more beginner friendly products, the learning curve is still there and needs to be addressed.

I promise that I will continue to give you the most honest reviews, discussions, and opinions regarding anything flying in the helicopter/multirotor world (yes, I will be going plane soon, too). I know that here at BigSquidRC we have a lot of new pilots, and I will give you the nitty gritty details, even admitting if something I think is cool might be too much for the first timers.

With that being said, it’s a big heli/quad time now that Spring is FINALLY HERE. The Blade 200SR X showed up at my door this week (check it out here), and I cannot wait for the new mini 200QX quadcopter to arrive as well (more details on this link).

As for those contacting me regarding EncoreRC‘s Invertix 400 3D quadcopter, I am happy to announce that I will be unboxing and reviewing that bad boy as soon as they ship me one!!

The next step of the great Multirotor Build Project will also hit the page later this week, so stay tuned! Until then, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

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