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Raging Rotors: See What I’m Printing?

3dprintingdjiarmEver since iHobby 2013, I was excited about the coming 3D Printer revolution coming to the hobby world. Not only is 3D printing great for 100% custom anything, it was becoming affordable. After 11 months of waiting, my work (aka HobbyTown Orland Park) finally got a pair of 3D printers from Invent-a-Part called the Rigidbot. Pricing starting around $600 for a kit and works its way up from there, you can make almost anything using ABS or PLA plastic, which is now starting to come out blended with carbon fiber filament for extra durability.

What does this mean for the hobby industry? For starters, it’s a way to be your own source for parts. The picture above is my first attempt at an arm for my DJI Flamewheel that is clear to make the arm LED light reactive. For those with ‘Vintage’ RC vehicles, a 3D Printer and a buddy who knows technical drawing can get you an endless supply of parts that were once unavailable, as well as low cost. One kilogram of the plastic material sells for around $50 ($0.05/gram), and most standard parts can be made in under 25 grams, or $1.15. 

Not a technical drawing person? That’s ok! There are many resources for already created 3D printer files, my favorite of which is Thingiverse where new files are being added every hour.

I will be creating a few RC parts to ‘review’ 3D printing as a means of parts reproduction, but for now you can stop by HobbyTown Orland Park to see the printer in action, either in person or via their Facebook Page. You can also check out the RigidBot online via the Invent-a-part webpage Right Here.

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