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Raging Rotors: Teach Me How to Dronie

vlcsnap-2014-06-17-11h33m57s248Selfies are out, people! Trending hotter than the sun, thanks to a Drone-taken picture of Captain Picard himselfDronies are all the new photography rage on the web.

Making a Dronie in 10 Easy Steps:

1.) Grab your quadcopter. May I suggest a Ares QX130, Blade 180QX HD, or LaTrax Alias for those without 350QX or DJI Phantoms

You can take your own Dronie like mine above by Reading More…

2.) Strap in your camera, or phone, or whatever you have for your aerial photography. The 130 has a camera accessory for purchase, as does the Alias. The 180QX comes with a camera.

3.) Pick a nice spot to snapshot yourself. It’s not just you, but where you’re at that can make a great Dronie.

4.) Take to the air! Get yourself stable and find a good position for you and your quadcopter

5.) Get some footage in! Not everyone has the remote control abilities of a GoPro or the 180QX for single pictures, so get a good amount of video in for the most options.

6.) Land and run to your computer. Not much more I can say here.

7.) Plug in your camera/data card. This gives you the best access to your video and pictures for editing.

8.) Find that perfect moment. 

9.) Upload to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and in the caption add ‘#dronie’ to your comments. This guarantees that all the other multirotor enthusiasts will see your work. 

10.)  Lean back and enjoy your work! You earned it!


After all this time writing for BigSquidRC, I really appreciate all the feedback I have received and can’t wait for what is to come for the RC multirotor/flight industry. Until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

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