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Random Nuremberg Imagery

I was just going through all of the images we got from the Toy Fair, making sure I didn’t miss anything important. I believe I’ve exhausted most, if not all, of the big R/C news so I figured I’d throw this post together with some of the extras. The Nuremberg Toy Fair is more than just R/C, it’s also… toys…  And our intrepid European corespondent sent quite a few pics of some of these other things.  The photo above is from the Hot Wheels booth, it’s a full-size Ferrari used to advertise Hot Wheels’ new line of limited edition Ferrari die-cast cars.  In the gallery below you can also see Audi’s collection of high-end toys for those that think the Audi emblem is worth the extra $2000 they tack on to the toy’s actual cost.  There’s also a few extra looks at R/C company booths and other such stuff.  So have a look and imagine the day when you can go and see it for yourself.

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Posted by in Events on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 at 3:20 pm