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R/C Around the Web – Arguing on the internet is like… edition

Photo of the Week:

Defender  014

Land Rover Defender by canadajack2

Contest: August 2010 Photo Contest – Open theme, read the rules. Prize is a copy of the XXX Main Truck_X2 Resurgence DVD, which – by the way – we have reviewed here.

Rock the Vote: Voting is opened for the July 2010 Photo Contest.

Internet Debate: Superchargers and diesel for 2 stroke engines, some good information from Detroit Diesel, debate!

Question of the Week: Are lipo’s doomed to ultimately ruin the RC industry? – Can’t say I disagree with some of his points, even if the whole thing is a little too dramatic. I wouldn’t mind seeing 3S (9.9v) LiFe’s becoming the industry standard for entry level, much like 7.2v NiCads and NiMHs were back in the day. They’d be a good combination of high power and safe technology that most newbs want and need. That won’t happen until the cost comes way down though.

Video of the Week:

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