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R/C Around the Web – Back from the dead… edition.

Photo of the Week:

my rc car
by Tim Green

R/C Around the Web took a little break last week because there really wasn’t anything worth mentioning anywhere in the R/C web-o-sphere.  It probably would have been funny, in a hipster d-bag ironical kind of way, to post a blank R/C ATW, but I’m not a hipster d-bag.  There’s not many good projects out there that are showing true progress, there haven’t been any great discussions, and the reviews are few and far between.  I guess now really is the winter of our discontent, perhaps one of these days to be made glorious summer by the sun of… something…

Charity: Get your tix for the RCX $10,000 Baja 5T raffle for the American Red Cross.  Also win a piece of racing history with the proceeds going to the Kyle Busch Foundation for the little childrens.

Reviewed: XTM Rail by Ultimate RC, Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo VXL here @ the Squid.

This Weekend: The 43rd annual WRAM Radio Control Hobby Show is taking place this weekend in White Plains, NY.  It’s generally an aircraft-centric show, but it’s still something cool to check out if you’re in the area.

Obvious: TIME places radio controlled cars among the top 100 most influential toys since the 1920s.

Video of the Week:

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