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R/C Around the Web – Can’t stop the squid… edition.

Reef Squid at Bonaire

It’s New Year’s Day.  You’re all probably too hung over to read this and make sense of it anyway (or maybe I’m still too drunk to write it in a way that makes sense to you…), so I’m just going to put in a bunch of squid related links.  Also, nobody is doing anything except partying, so there’s not much out there to link.  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Around the Web next Saturday.

Anime: Squid GirlAs she sets out on her vengeful journey … she becomes aware of certain limitations.  She’s nothing but a squid out of water…

Forum Thread: What Are Your R/C Rules to Live By? – Wait… This isn’t about squids… How’d this link get in here?

In Squid News: Imported squids now cost more in Sibu – But here on the internet, your daily order of Big Squid will always be free.

More Squid News: New ‘glow-in-the dark’ squid discovered ‘We think we have more than one new species of squid,’ Rogers said. ‘This just happens to be the biggest and most glamorous one.’ – These are very exciting times for squid lovers everywhere!

Recipe: Calamari – I tried calamari once… I found it unsettling… It felt like I was cannibalizing a fellow human.

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