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R/C Around the Web – Day late and many, many… oh so many… dollars short… edition.

Photo of the Week:

hostile baja fest_1933
by warren_van

Around the Web is a day late because I passed out early Friday night before putting it in the editor’s queue.

I’ve just started my first non-r/c related project in a long time.  I decided my old computer case is just too far gone, so I bought a new one and am doing some mods to make it look good.  I’m doing quite a bit of metal work on it before I transfer my computer components over, filling unnecessary holes, shaving the rough spots, and just generally making it smooth.  I’m also giving it a flat, textured black paintjob inside and bright, canary yellow on the outside with some custom stencil graphics.  It’ll be frikkin awesome when it’s done.  On R/C projects, Brian sent out a mass email saying we all need to come up with a custom car for IHobby.  I got an idea, though it’s a stolen one, but I think it’ll be a real head turner. Anyway, on to the links.

Build Log: Building the Axial SCX10 step-by-step – Fast Eddy of Team Fast Eddy is going through the manual, step-by-step, assembling the kit on video for everybody to watch and learn.  As of my writing this he’s up to video #13, just scroll down on the right side to start at #1.

Event Pics: CAN-AM Battleday – Tanks are awesome, tank battles are even better.

Forum Thread: You know you love r/c when…

How-To: Build a short course track – Some quick and easy ideas using inexpensive materials on different types of surfaces.

How-2: Neodymium charging brushed motors for more RPM – Get more power out of your brushed motor just by gluing some high power magnets to the can.  Demonstrated in this thread on the Losi Micro SCT.

Just in time for Spring: Radio Controlled lawnmower (Video) – This is a project I may have to consider.

Video of the Week:

HPIBajaForum’s Phatrack April 2011 Baja Racing Event – A lot of great slo-mo crashes.

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