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R/C Around the Web – Highway to the Dangerzone! edition

Photo of the week:  Budweiser Nascar Mini Cooper on Xpress Mini Road Runner Chassis by britishopen93

Build log: Dual brushless Clod Buster

Event: No Limit R/C World Finals V – May 28-30 @ Digger’s Dungeon – Poplar Branch, NC

Forum Thread: Maxamps Out of their Mind???? – Almost two months on and people are still talking about The LiPo Shootout 2.  It’s a long forum thread about Max Amps LiPos with official replies from the Max Amps crew.  One of Max Amps’ official lines: “C” ratings don’t mean much, until industry-wide testing standards are developed and implemented, it’s just a marketing number.

Video of the week: Seattle RC Racers action.  If you’re in the Seattle area check out their web site and join them for some carpet based dogfighting and knock down-drag out fights while pushing it to the limit with some awesome 80s movie montage music!

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight!… er… sorry, wrong movie!

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