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R/C Around the Web – In which I divulge more of my musical tastes… edition

Photo of the Week:

HPI Mini Trophy
by Tomo Iceland

I still haven’t recovered from last weekend’s bashing.  Both trucks are still down and waiting for parts.  Guess I’ll have to break out one of my buggies for some bashing in the snow we got a couple nights ago.

On a musical subject, I totally missed the boat on this, but, Animal Alpha is now one of my favorite bands.  They put out great hard rock with some metal and psychobilly influences thrown in for good measure.  The lead singer is very powerful and dynamic.  Too bad they aren’t together any more, I’ve been totally obsessed with them since I found them.  Both of their studio albums are being imported from Europe as I write this.  Also, the director of their music videos is an artistic genius.

Build Log: 1979 4×4 Chevy LUV

DIY: Assuming you know how to read electrical diagrams – DIY Micro Brake Lights

For a good cause: Make sure you buy some raffle tickets for the $10,000 Baja 5T give-away, they’re only about $2.00 and it’s for a good cause.

Here come the lawyers?: Some have declared a Turnigy ESC is a direct ripoff of Castle’s Mamba Monster, lawyers may become involved, there could be blood.

Shameless Self Promotion: Be sure you’re following our Nuremberg Toy Fair coverage. Also, make sure you have your name in the hat for our Slash 4×4 hop-ups give-away sponsored by GH Racing.

Video of the Week:

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