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R/C Around the Web – It’s on time! edition

Photo of the Week:

Hot rod
by SingNShoot

I decided to do a How-To roundup with this edition.  There’s some good tips and tricks here.  In other news, I’ve been working on the review for the Thunder Tiger KT8 racing kart.  Early impressions, I think I like it, you’ll have to wait for the review to know for sure.

How To: How to solder correctly – Help keep your solder joints strong and tidy.

How 2: How to crimp servo plugs/pins – Help keep things short and tidy.

How 3: How to use a gyro as a wheely bar – Help keep the front wheels on the ground.

How 4: How to remove a stripped screw – Not the most elegant solution, but it’s one I’ve used many times and it works in a pinch.

Video of the Week:

Radio Control FPV Car Racing

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