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R/C Around the Web – Long Thanksgiving Weekend… edition

Photo of the Week Special Edition:

Thanksgiving weekend usually means nothing happening in the r/c industry (or anywhere else for that matter), at least here in the States. So to fill the great void left by the darth of information from the r/c companies, here’s a special Long Thanksgiving Weekend edition of R/C Around the Web. Hopefully there’s enough here to keep you occupied till everybody returns to their offices and computers on Monday.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Savings: Be sure to hit up some of these sales.

Build Log – The Beginning:Traxxas Zero” – It’s not quite a Stampede 4×4, not quite a Revo, not quite a Savage Flux but is inspired by all three. A very impressive build that’s finally finished.

Build Log II – Son of Build Log: Bender from Axial posted a step-by-step build of the new Wraith kits on the Axial blog. Some informative stuff if you’re thinking about turning some screws on one of these kits.

Build Log III – Build Log’s Revenge: Building a Speed Run Car – Here’s a peek into what it takes to build a car for all out speed and nothing else.

Cool Idea: Rhino Lining your R/C truck’s bed. Looks pretty cool, I might use this on my newest body.

Engineers Think Different Than The Rest of Us: Reinventing independent suspension, found via scans from this forum thread on RC Nitro Talk.

Five Word Review: Wing Tote Pro Roller Buggy pit bag – Big… really big. Love it.

Giveaway: Look at the sticky post at the top of our front page for a contest. We’re giving away a Duratrax Onyx 245 Charger to one lucky Facebook fan.

Good Cause: Squirrel from The Toyz online hobby shop/forum is having his usual Christmas raffle, buy a ticket to support Toyz Toys for Totz Tots and get a chance to win a customized Wraith or a Savage Flux XS. Cutoff for raffle ticket sales is December 15th and the drawing is December 16th. Check out this forum thread for a bit more info. Also give a visit to Squirrel’s YouTube channel for a bunch of useful vids.

How-To: Here’s a cool timelapse video showing the body prep and painting process using rattle cans with tape and newspaper for masking. Personally, I love Fasmask liquid mask for painting now.

Plenty of More Photos Worthy of Mention: In the Big Squid RC group on Flickr. Check them out.

Traxxas Speculation – I was one of the first to guess that Traxxas’ super announcement will be a 1/5 scale. After more info came to light, I’ve since revised my guess to a 1/10 or 1/8 scale vechile with one awesome feature: FPV. You know, kinda like our track drone from IHobby only with a headset monitor rather than a TV. Either that or a R/C Zamboni. Regardless, only a couple more days to wait for the official announcement.

Totally Creepy Random Thing: Back during IHobby Evan busted my balls for having a huge crush on Hope McCall of the Radio Control Show. But it’s cool. Evan’s an ok guy. And Hope is an awesome photographer which is the source of my total crushing.

Winter is coming: Get yourself a TransMitten.

Video of the Week Special Edition:

Jetlag2222 Slow Ride (Wooooooo! FOGHAT!)

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