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R/C Around the Web – Megan Fox on TV… can’t concen… edition

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You know, ever since the first time I saw a steam powered r/c boat, I’ve wanted to build a steam powered r/c car modeled after a Stanley Steamer of yore.  That would be a fun project, assuming it doesn’t burst into flames.

Build Log: PontiacGT201’s SCX10 project – Forum member PontiacGT201 show’s off his latest project.  Get involved.

Good News: Stolen 5B recovered – It’s always nice to see a victim get their property back, especially in cases like ours where very few, if any of us actually insure our expensive toys.

Sad News: Tamiya has discontinued the Clod Buster.  Again…  Kinda…  The (much) more expensive Metallic edition is still kicking.

Tech Article: Convert your 1/8 nitro buggy to electric @ – Nitro to electric conversion based on the RC8B.

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