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R/C Around the Web – Packing for IHobby… edition.

Photo of the Week:

Jumping the fire pit
by Jeff Rogerson

The IHobby Expo is just around the corner and I have to finish packing my bags for the flight out.  It just occurred to me that the airlines charge for baggage now, so I have to unpack all my r/c cars.  I just can’t afford to take 18 bags for a five day trip.  Of course if I only take one change of clothes, that’ll leave me a little room to pack something along.  Decisions… decisions…

Build Log: Taking an non-r/c inflatable toy boat and turning it into a brushless powered r/c beast – There’s two ways this can turn out: wicked awesome or spectacular failure.   Either way, EPIC.

Cool Link: An Original Skidmark – A great guide for painting r/c car bodies.

Forum Post of the Week: PontiacGT201’s SCX10 Build – A bunch of excellent photos of a very cool truck.  If you’re not participating in the forum, you should be.

Tested: Leopard Hobby 2200Kv Brushless Motor

Shameless Self Promotion: Cubby’s Losi Micro SCT Review

Video of the Week:

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