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R/C Around the Web – Storm chasing isn’t as easy as I thought it’d be… edition.

Photo of the Week:

Beach Jumping
by Paul Tichonczuk’s friend, Christian

So there was a huge thunderstorm taking place east of me last night.  A lot of lightning and all that, it looked really cool.  So I grabbed my camera, hopped in my truck, and started driving east.  After about 25 miles I hadn’t gotten any closer to it.  Turns out that thunderstorm was on the Colorado/Kansas border.  I didn’t feel like driving another 120 miles to catch it.  I probably should have looked at the weather RADAR before I left.  Live and learn.

Build Log Slide Show: Paul Mersel’s “Baywatch” Tamiya Tundra


L33T H4X0R: This dude is building an Active Stabilization System for r/c motorcycles.  He’s smrt.

R/C heli or video game?: Parrot AR.Drone review, augmented reality controlled by your iPhone.

Video of the Week:

from forum member pettyeagles

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