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R/C Around the Web – There’s only one way this weekend’s plans are falling through… edition

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by Rafael Moyano

Another weekend, another opportunity for bashing.  As expected, last weekend’s plans did fall through, no ice fishing, no bashing on a frozen lake.  This weekend is going to be a nice one with a family gathering for my great-grandmother’s 90-something birthday.  A couple of my R/Cs are going with me (probably the Losi Highroller and DuraTrax Evader DT) because all the young kids love them.  My brother will have his Stampede, if he remembers it.  That reminds me, I need to build a portable ramp.  Family gatherings are a great time for bashing, trying to get friends and family into the hobby is time well spent.  And bashing with a group of people is much more fun than doing it alone.

Sorry for the lack of links this go-around, it’s been a busy week, didn’t spend much time on the interwebs.

Good Tips: Unstick a Stuck Pull-Start – Or you could throw that nitro engine out and switch to brushless 😛 .

Reviewed: Speed Passion RS1 & RS2 RTRs @ RC Evil Empire

Shameless Self Promotion: West Mountain Computerized Battery Analyzer review, and don’t forget our Slash 4×4 hop-ups give-away.

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