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R/C Around the Web – Where is everybody? Why is the office empty? Wait… what day is it?… edition

christmas 2007

It’s Christmas, what are you doing reading this?   Go spend time with your loved ones you loner.  On another note, I didn’t get my Clod Buster.   🙁   But I hope Santa brought you all that you wanted and more importantly that you’ve had and continue to have a wonderful Christmas weekend with your loved ones.  Be sure to drink plenty of eggnog and apple cider.

Build Log: Taking an RC8e and turning it into a Rally car.

Giveaway Update: Our Evader DT giveaway may be all but done, but we got more stuff to pass out.  Keep an eye on our front page for an upcoming announcement.

New class?: A group going by the name ASD Technologies is looking to build 1/8 scale Indy cars.  I’ve always kind of wondered why F1 is represented in R/C but Indy/CART isn’t.  I haven’t been able to find any more info about this company or products, but we’ll keep an eye on them.

Reviewed: Extreme Machines Monster XX @ RC Universe – This $99 hobby-grade, mass market sleeper may have made a good, low cost Christmas gift for some youngins that wanted to get started in R/C. Oops, too late now.

Video of the Week:

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