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RC Around the Web – Wicked Awesome Pompadour edition

Frankie also say if he wanted to win he shouldn't have crashed, he has noone to be angry at but himself. Frankie later went on to say War! Hide Yourself!

Article: Review of the Duratrax Vendetta SC at RC Universe and our Team Associated SC18 review. Compare and contrast. In my opinion I would give the SC18 the nod just based on price alone. The ‘Detta SC is $40 more and doesn’t come with a battery or charger. On the other hand it is more adjustable and probably more well suited for real competitive racing.

Build Log: Track build – A guy seeks guidance and offers up some pics of his work. Others share their homebuilt tracks as well.

Photo of the Week: Trucks hittin the trail.

Another Photo: French racing action.

Video of the Week: Traxxas Stampede hydroplane – Using paddle tires and insane power to make a car drive on water. From our forum, get involved.

More Video: R/C Car Action magazine is celebrating 25 years. Congratulations to ya! There’s no doubt you’ve had a huge influence on the hobby and industry. And your first Monster & Racing Trucks special issue was my first exposure to hobby grade r/c about 20 years ago. The homebuilt Primadonna Clod from the August ’91 issue is still a project and article that sticks out in my mind. Here’s to another 25 RCCA, but watch out cause we’re gunnin for ya! :-p

For a trip down memory lane, go check out RCCA’s issue archive and see how many of the covers you remember.

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