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R/C Around the Web – WOO! Three day weekend! edition…

Photo of the Week:

Arlington National Cemetery
by Ethan.K

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the good ol’ US of A.  A three day weekend for most (though not us, Brian doesn’t believe in days off) filled with much partying, as it’s the unofficial start of summer.   But Memorial Day is much more important than just drinking, grilling, and The Indy 500.  It’s a day to remember the men and women of our armed forces that made their last trip home in a flag-draped casket.  So while you’re out doing your thing, keep them in your thoughts and raise a glass in their honor.  And if you fly the Colors on the day of, remember to keep it at half-staff until noon.

Charity Begins at the Track: The Bill Bridges Benefit Raffle is still selling tickets through eBay, buy a chance to win Adam Drake’s 8ight-T 2.0 or Dustin Evans’ TLR 22.

Charity also Begins at the Rock Course: RockCandy RCC is going to raffle off a couple of souped up Axial rigs at the Axial West Coast Championships with all the proceeds going to the Victory Junction Gang.

Friendly Reminder: Time is running out to get your name in the hat to win a Venom Gambler Brushless short course truck.

How-To: Get your wheels balanced – This may seem like something only racers need to worry about, but it can be an important step to increasing the durability of your ride.  Out of balance wheels can cause all kinds of crazy vibrations that can damage bearings, drive shafts, and other drive train components.

Memorial Weekend Deals: GH Racing Sale, TGN Mystery Markdown Sale.

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