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R/C Around the Web – Forgot to finish the title, apparently… edition

Photo of the Week:

By Ariel Leshinsky

Build Log: PontiacGT201’s SCX10 Project with recent changes.

Build Log 2: Building a kit isn’t that hard, don’t be afraid. – A good step-by-step log of building a Tamiya CR-01.

Not quite jetpacks and flying cars: Short Course Buggies – The Future?

True basher vs. rest of the world: Not much to see here, but it’s funny that a guy wants to go balls out crazy with a dual motored Savage Flux and everybody else is saying it’s too much and silly to do. Those people obviously don’t know that there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to our toys.

Quake Aftermath: A couple pictures from Kyosho’s warehouse and office in Japan, obviously there are others that are much worse off than this. If you can spare a few bucks the Red Cross is already on the front lines of the disaster and could use it.

Video of the Week:

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