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RC Car Runs on Aluminum Waste?

A reader tipped us off about this RC car running off of soda can rings or aluminum waste products! There’s even a video!

The car is called the dAlH2Orean, and is part of the ‘Aluminum’ project manufacturing rc cars using recycled aluminum as the main fuel.

Aleix Llovet and Xavier Salueña, respectively student and professor at ETSEIAT, have patented the dAlH2Orean, the first radio control car that runs with aluminium soda ring cans, or residual parts of aluminium mixed with hydroxide of sodium dissolved in water. The propulsion system is clean, it closes the cycle of aluminium and does not generate any C02 emissions.

It’s a cool concept if it actually works, and I’m always open to seeing some new technology brought to the RC world!

Check out for all the crazy science and details behind this new type of fuel system.

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Posted by in Industry News on Monday, April 18th, 2011 at 12:45 am