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Team Corally RC Car Safety

RC Car Safety With Team Corally

With it getting warmer each day in the Northern Hemisphere, the good folks at Team Corally have posted some notes about RC Safety. Before the brushless and LiPo battery revolution, rc cars weren’t so fast. Now days, it is easy to buy a truck that can do 60 mph+ straight out of the box. When you get a 10lbs monster truck going 60 mph, it packs quite a punch, thus making safety something to be aware of while you bash. While we rarely get hurt driving rc cars, one of our team members, who will remain nameless, seems to be a heat seeking missile to 8th scale speed run cars! So Jeremy, whoops, I mean, to all you bashers out there, here are some of the ways to be a bit more careful while bashing.

Team Corally Reminders for RC Safety

* Keep clear of small children. We at Big Squid like to keep at least 10 yards of distance between our bash trucks and any spectators.

* Stay away from pets and animals. Some pets love chasing rc cars, but an 8th scale buggy doing 80 will seriously hurt even a large dog.

* Respect and care for the environment. When we go out bashing, we leave no trace by picking up our trash and we don’t tear up areas not used for rc driving.

* Maintain your car for top performance. Ever see a runaway nitro truck go flying into a bunch of people? We have and it can be very dangerous. Keep that rig in top shape so you don’t have to worry about it going astray.

* Respect high speeds Jeremy, I mean everyone. When our cars go fast, they pack a lot of energy upon impact. Nobody wants to break a bone or get stiches after driving their rc car.

* Never charge LiPo batteries unattended. This one is simple, but sometimes people try to multi-task and it could end up costing you.

All of those are great rules for the basher to live by and we hope you guys have a safe and fun summer of bashing! To learn more, you can hit up the official Team Corally Website.

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