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RC Gear Shop 4550kV Brushless System Review

RC Gear Shop 1/10th 4550kV Brushless System Review

If you are a basher, chances are you are looking for an affordable brushless system to pump up the power in your car. One of the latest systems to hit the market is the 1/10th 4550kV with 80A ESC from RC Gear Shop. The RC Gear Shop brushless system is street priced at $94. Does it have plenty of power? Does it cog? Is it worth the cash? Read on to find out…

From: RC Gear Shop
Direct Link: 4550 80A Combo
Buy it here: On Tower Hobbies



Dimensions: 36mm x 50mm
Weight: 185g
Connectors: 4mm bullet
Number of poles- 4
Magnet- Sintered neodymium
Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm
Shaft Length: 16mm
Max Amperage: 100A
Max Voltage: 13V
Max Power: 1300W
Resistance: 0.0051
Mounting Hole Depth: 6mm


Continuous Current: 80A
Burst Current: 540A
Motor Limit: 6000kV on 2S LiPo or 4000kV on 3S
Resistance: 0.0004 ohms
Battery: 4-9 NiMH/NiCd cells, 2-3S LiPo
BEC Output: 6V/2A (linear mode built-in BEC)
Dimensions: 35 x 34 x 46mm
Weight: 82g
Waterproof: Yes

Part number for system- #RGZC3445
Street price- $94

Includes- ESC, motor, heat shrink, instructions, bullet connectors, programming wire, zip-ties, and switch cover.

Test Drivers- Robbie G., Iron Mikeee, Sam Da’ Noob, and THE Cub Reporter.

Test Platform- We popped the system in a Pro-Line PRO-MT 10th scale 2wd monster truck. We used two different transmitters, a Futaba 4PX and a 4GRS. We also used two different servos, a Hitec and one from RC Gear Shop. Powering the whole thing was a 2S Racers Edge LiPo. For gearing we went with the stock spur and an 18 tooth Robinson pinion.


We found lots of “upsides” with the RC Gear Shop brushless system. We never experienced any cogging whatsoever with it, which is a big upside that many affordable systems do not have.

For raw power the system was right on par. It wasn’t the fastest 540 we’ve ever driven, but it had more than enough yank to flip the PRO-MT instantly over on its lid and more than enough to make the “big triple” at our local track. If you’ve never driven brushless before the RC Gear Shop system will definitely give you a taste of big power.

The power was particularly smooth from a dead stop, the mid-range was smooth yet authoritative, then came a solid surge of power in the upper third of the throttle range. The overall powerband was very easy to drive, more so than most non-sensored systems on the market.

We did most of our testing in extremely wet conditions and the RC Gear Shop system held up just fine.

As well as wet, all our testing was done in cold conditions. The highest ambient temp we tested in was 45 degrees F, and no, we never experienced any overheating from the ESC or motor.

Reverse was also very smooth and well done. We also liked how we could go full speed in reverse, then just before the truck came to a dead stop we could take off full blast in forward, which is tons of fun while bashing.

What about the brakes? We didn’t really notice them. They were smooth yet powerful, basically everything you want when you hit the brakes.

The instructions were well written and easy to follow. Iron Mikeee found it very easy to calibrate and change the programming without the use of the optional programming box.


The speedo does not come pre-soldered with a battery connector or the bullets that connect to the motor. If you don’t like to solder this is a big downside. If you are an old soldering pro, no problem, but it will take a few extra minutes to install.

The system isn’t rated for 3S use with the included motor.


Car Show Rating: C The packaging and electronics both look a bit on the generic side.

Bash-A-Bility: A After dozens of packs of bashing we experienced no issues of any kind.

Power: B While it didn’t have the most raw wattage we’ve ever driven from a 540 size system, it had more than enough yank on tap.

Fun Factor: B The exceptionally smooth power delivery, paired with plenty of wattage on tap, made the system great fun to drive.

Value: B $94 isn’t the cheapest brushless system you can buy, but it is a solid value thanks to its excellent performance.

Big Squid Rating: B We found the RC Gear Shop brushless system to be a solid brushless system at an affordable price point. We were very impressed and can highly recommend it to you.

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