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RC Gear Shop Wind Speed Meter

RC Gear Shop Vaavud Smartphone Wind Speed Meter

New from RC Gear Shop is a Vaavud Wind Speed Meter for your Smartphone. This device lets you monitor wind speed before you go out flying or before trying to break the long jump record with your monster truck. The device plugs into the 3.5mm audio jack on your smartphone and uses the magnetic field sensor in your phone to determine wind speed. By the way, you’ll have to download the Vaavud Wind Meter app from iTunes or the Google Play Store to use the meter, but it has a bunch of features like showing the current, average, or maximum wind speed.

* App lets you switch between m/s, knots, mph, km/h, and bft
* Size: 114x13x64mm
* Weight: 17g
* Precision: +/- 4%/ 0,25 m/s
* Resolution: 0,1 m/s
* Wind Range: 2-20 m/s (Up to 48 m/s on a Galaxy S4).

The wind meter is street priced at $39, it has a part number of #VAV-1R, and they are shipping right now. To visit the official RC Gear Shop website simply hit This Link.

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