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RC Links

RC Links
Cool places, RC vehicles, and stuff we love!

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Manufacturers and Parts

Best RC
O.S. Engines, Durtrax, Futaba, and more! They have it all!!

HPI Racing
Creators of the HPI Savage, RS4, Savage Flux, Baja 5T and so much more!

Parma PSE
FasKolor Paint, Slot Cars, Cool and Unique RC Car Bodies!

Hot Bodies
The place for the 1/7th scale Lightning Street, Truckzilla, Dirt Demon, Lightning Stadium, and much more!

Pro-Line Racing
Some of the best tires, rims and bodies around!

Castle Creations
Creators of the Mamba Brushless systems

ST Racing Concepts
The new kings of aluminum hop ups!

Team Novak
Great Brushless Motors and Conversions including the GOAT Crawler System!

Acer Racing
Amazing Girls and Bearings, do you need more?

Max Amps
LiPO, and other Battery Needs

T-Maxx and E-Maxx, Ever heard of them? Maybe the Slash or Slayer?

Buku Power
A cool tunable nitro pipe!

RC Pro Products
Tools, fuel guns, stands, and anything else you may need.

RC Pro Series
The best series in RC Racing!

Team Associated
Team AE T4, SC10, RC8, SC8, SC10

RC Drag Racing

RC Drags
Anything and Everything RC Drag Racing

Grand Motor Sports
Creators of the King Squid Dragster!

Grand Motor Sports
RC Drag Racing Bodies and Vehicles!

Hobby Shops We Like

Leisure Hours Hobbies
Also the owners of our favorite RC Track/Hang Out

Naperville RC Hobbies
Cool shop with an indoor RC Rock Crawling Course!

RC Car Kings
One of the most helpful shops on-line!

Sites We Like

Hobby Media – Italy
Don’t Read Italian? Use A Translator, Very cool site run by some great people!
“News di Modellismo Hobby Media”

XXX Main
Can’t be a basher without knowing about these guys!

Chitown RC
Some Great Local Guys!

International RC Speed Challenge
Want to see who’s going fast?!

Red RC
A fellow RC News Site

Zero RC
Looking for Plane and Chopper RC News?

RC Nitro Talk
Big RC Forum

Hobby Zip
Great Place to post Videos and Pictures.

Great Lakes Bash Fest
These guys put on a pretty good bash every year, hope to make get out there sometime.

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