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RC Maker 2mm Mugen MTC-2 Roll Center Shim Plate Set

RC Maker 2mm Roll Center Shim Plate Set for the Mugen MTC-2

RC Maker has released its 2mm Roll Center Shim Plate Set (#RCM-MTC2-RCS2) for the Mugen MTC-2 touring car. Designed with ease of adjustment in mind, these roll center shim plates will take most of the hassle out of tuning the roll center on your touring car, giving you more track time and (hopefully) less frustration.

The open-ended slots allow these shims to slide around the chassis screws, eliminating the need to remove each screw entirely (and juggle a handful of parts in the process). Each Roll Center Shim Plates set includes two front shims and two rear shims, each at the height of 2mm. Note: These shims are only compatible with the aluminum MTC-2 chassis and RC Maker’s own SlimFlex 2.2mm Carbon Chassis.

Priced at $9.95, these Roll Center Shim Plates are available online at

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