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RC Oahu Trigger RWD Chassis – Japan exclusive

Following up on last week’s The Cub Report, let’s take a look at RC Oahu’s Trigger chassis. This one is said to be limited to 50 units and brings a few tweaks to popular trends in the drift scene. RC Oahu is a drift track located outside of Tokyo. The track layout and size drive home the “less is more” mantra of drift.

Features include; rear belt drive motor with weight shift mounting options. Rear heavy drift cars are all the rage now – this style helps put weight and grip over the rear tires to allow faster overall speeds. A raised and adjustable battery position – raising the center of gravity can give the car more roll for enhanced style and tuning options. Sliding front bulkhead to adjust caster settings – no need to buy multiple parts, it appears you can simply slide the bulkhead front to rear to get your tune on. Crazy center servo mounting style – 4 turnbuckles! And bottom mounted front suspension blocks, which was wildly popular for a few months before falling out of favor in the online tuner scene – this style helps get front clearance by essentially raising the car and allowing unlimited droop.

If you want one of these limited chassis, best to talk to your preferred importer or reach out directly to RC Oahu. Check it out at the RC Oahu track in this Youtube Video

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