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X Factory Discovery Channel

RC on TV – X Factory on Discovery Channel Tonight

X Factory Discovery Channel
Here is a reminder that our hobby will get some nice mainstream exposure tonight on the Discovery Channel. On a show called Showdown Of The Unbeatables, the X Factory RC crew will not only be showcasing one of their products, but also helping to show the world how much fun hobby grade rc products are in general. Also, it sounds like they might be doing some pretty cool things on the show tonight, here is a quote from the X Factory PR-

“We have not seen any R/C product do anything like this before, and have not seen any prime time exposure for R/C racing like this. This is not a paid commercial, not an infomercial; X Factory is part of the show, which will be seen by millions. We hope it gives a great boost to the popularity of our sport.”

Where and when can you tune in? Tonight is the night at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central time. Spread the word on this one and lets see if we can show Discovery Channel that there are a whole bunch of people out there that want to see more RC on TV.

Hooray for Friday, check out yet another BSRC Mystery Link.

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