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RC Pro Australia and Ryan Lutz Interview

RC Pro Series RC Pro Series Ryan Lutz

The The RC Pro Series Australia received confirmation today from Ryan Lutz with Tamiya that he will be attending the RC Pro Australia event July 2nd – 5th at the the Mooloolah Valley Raceway.

They also have a interview with Ryan that may be one of the longest in RC history. It’s an interesting read though, some good insight on how Ryan got started. You can read the full thing here:
RC Pro Interview


I finally had a chance to set down for a chat with Ryan Lutz the RC Pro International Buggy & Arena Truck Champion for 2008. As I always do I try to take a different approach to these interviews than the standard.
It helps that I see these racers at numerous events over a period of years and have gotten to know most of them pretty well so I aim for more of a conversation than prim and proper interview. I hope you enjoy the first one from our 2008 Champions.

*RC Pro*: Ryan how long have you been into RC?
*Ryan*: I have been racing R/C cars sense the age of 7. So that would be about 17 years!~

*RC Pro*: Who got you started?
*Ryan*: My dad got me started. He had already been in the hobby for probably 10 years and he owned a hobby shop in our town. So it was only natural for me to look up to my father and do what he was doing!!

*RC Pro:*What was your 1st car?
*Ryan*: My first race car was a Losi Jr. T

*RC Pro*: Do you remember your 1st race?
*Ryan*: Nope. I have a bad memory and that was too long ago!

*RC Pro*: LOL! I know the 1st time I met you and saw you drive was at CRCRC in an RC Pro race in 2005. Everyone kept asking the same question who is this guy and where did he come from! Do you remember that event?

*Ryan*: I do remember that event. I also remember a lot of people not liking me at that event!! But funny thing is, is that all of those people that I had a less than positive experience at that event with
have all actually turned out to be some of my best friends in the industry!

*RC Pro*: I can explain part of that. You were extremely fast and no one knew you. That had a lot to do with it. Also you were so fast you tended to run into people because you closed on them so fast. I think also in one section where they used the brakes you just used more throttle.

*Ryan*: LOL…that about sums it up. That section after the straight away and the banked turn was a tiny ‘double double’ or in my case a quad. It made about 1.5 seconds a lap faster thru that but it also got me into the rear end of other drivers quite often on such a small track.

*RC Pro: *Exactly! I think that was the only time I ever had to consider warning you.

*Ryan*: I actually remember getting a stop and go in the main! The announcer was all over me! Haha

*RC Pro*: I wasn’t going to mention that…. but the stop and go came from me.

*Ryan*: HAHA….it was deserved in a way…I know I was running into people, but it just came with the line I was taking and the fact that before that event I had no experience running with people my own speed. My local club races only had around 4 1/8th buggies so I never had practice running with people.

*RC Pro*: Yea seems like 2005 was the start for a lot of things for you?

*Ryan*: Yes, I just got back from College and I learned of the R/C Pro Series and I have always wanted to do bigger R/C events. So I went to each of them that year and it turned out to be the turning point in my R/C career!

*RC Pro*: I remember the stir you caused at the 2005 RC Pro Final when you TQed Arena Truck.

*Ryan*: haha…That was fun! ­čÖé

*RC Pro*: I understand Kyosho contacted you after that?

*Ryan*: Yes, in January of 06, on my 21st birthday they contacted me and offered me a deal that I couldn’t in my wildest dreams have dreamed of!

*RC Pro*: That related to a move to Cali. How much of a change was that from living and going to school in Ohio?

*Ryan*: Actually the move to California didn’t come until later. The story on that was that I had been racing for Kyosho for 5 months and they asked me to go to an event at the Farm2. I told them I wasn’t able to go due to already haven taken to many days off from work. Joel Johnson was the person I was talking to and he jokingly said, “well, if you come work for us you can have all the time off you need to go race!” I said “well that would be okay!” he asked if I was serious and I said yes! So a month later in July I moved out to California to begin working for Kyosho America as the Team Manager among other duties!
California was a change yes, but I adapt really easily so it wasn’t a huge adjustment for me. I just blended in as best I could and began enjoying the opportunity to race more and advance my career!

*RC Pro*: I hadn’t heard the full story on that before! During the time at Kyosho you seemed to have fit into the team and everyone worked together very well at the events I was at.

*Ryan*: Yes, I was extremely proud of the team we built at Kyosho! I felt we had the most approachable and best team out there! We worked very well together and everyone got along!

*RC Pro*: I know it had to be a tough decision and very unexpected for a lot of us when you announced the move to Tamiya!

*Ryan*: Yes, it was an extremely tough decision and it was pretty sudden for me as well. I just got to a point however where I felt stuck in what I was doing and it wasn’t 100% what I wanted to be doing. I really wanted to race more and practice more and be out in the field! That is where my true passion is! Now with Tamiya, that is becoming a reality and I am enjoying every moment of it!!

*RC Pro*: I know you haven’t been at Tamiya very long but can you give us some inside on some of the things you have been working on?

*Ryan*: Currently I have just been busy going out and getting acclimated to the vehicles. I first got the 801Xt, which is Tamiya’s Arena Truck. I was out practicing with that as much as possible and attended the CRCRC event in Columbus Ohio and placed a respectable 4th with it in my first
race. Sinse my return from that event I have been out at Revelation Raceway testing the new Prototype Buggy! At the moment those two things have consumed all of my time!

*RC Pro*: Yes I saw some pics of the buggy today that were taken at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. What’s you impression so far?

*Ryan*: So far I am extremely impressed! I am very pleased with how the buggy handles and can’t wait to race it against the big boys at upcoming events! I think Tamiya built a contender on their first try and I’m pleased to be the one who gets to prove it!

*RC Pro*: What will be your next event you might be running the buggy at?

*Ryan*: I will be attending the Psycho Nitro Blast this upcoming weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. This event will be followed closely by the Dirt Nitro Challenge in Arizona!

*RC Pro*: I’m betting there will be a nice flow of people by your pit table to see the buggy and arena truck!

*Ryan*: I would hope so and I’m excited to be able to show them what Tamiya has to offer and answer any questions they may have!

*RC Pro*: I do have to commend you for the way you deal with the public at these events. I’ve never seen you lose patience or not answer every question you were asked. That is the way a Pro driver should be since he is the representative for the company.

*Ryan*: First off Thank you very much for that! It’s gratifying to know that people take notice in that. Also I believe in exactly what you said 100%. It is as important as the racing itself. I also just really enjoy helping others and my favorite is when you can help someone and see the smile on their face after there next race when everything goes better for them!!

*RC Pro*: I’m sure at this point most people have figured out we’ve known each other for a number of years! LOL As RC Pro I try to get some of the Pro’s to certain events in areas that have not seen them before and last year you went to the race in Puerto Rico and this year you will be attending the race in Australia.

*Ryan*: Yes, this is correct!
I love getting the opportunity to travel to new locations and to showcase my talent to anyone who wants to see!

I think of myself as not only a driver and representative for my company but I also like to think of myself as an entertainer! I like to get the crowd into the racing more and to do things that other drivers may not do. My driving style for instance is a little unorthodox but when I know I have the opportunity I like to do some extra drifting or bank off of walls, or if I win an event I like to find a jump to do a backflip off of! Makes for good fun for me and all the spectators!!

*RC Pro*: Yes you do have an unorthodox style! I remember your drifting slide off the back straight lap after lap at the finals this year as well as a backflip!

*Ryan*: Exactly!! And it’s so much Fun!

*RC Pro*: I know your career has been a steady rise but are there any things in the future you would like to accomplish?

*Ryan*: Well I certainly hope that I have not reached my peak as far as competition racing! I still have goals to win as many events as possible and especially an IFMAR Worlds win would be on that list! I would also like to help grow this hobby and make it more mainstream! Getting it in front of the eyes of the public will be an ongoing thought process for me and I plan on doing as many out of industry events with the r/c vehicles as possible!

*RC Pro*: I saw the announcement about the Toyota Grand Prix will you be attending that event?

*Ryan*: I’m not sure yet. If I am not at a race somewhere then I totally want to be able to go and promote at that event!

*RC Pro*: We have done something similar and the reaction from the spectators is great! I wish we could do more to get the offroad stuff in front of more spectators.

*Ryan*: Yes, I agree! I know the manufacturers cup has helped a lot in that! I mean 5,000 spectators or so last year watching us race was a sight to behold! Also Brandon Rohde and LiveRC have produced a TV quality DVD from the IFMAR worlds! It’s coming, the pieces are starting to fall together and it’s just a matter of time. We need to get into the X-games too!!

*RC Pro*: We have had discussions with supercross to try and setup events in conjunction but the big issue is the money they want for doing it But yes bigger things are coming.

*Ryan*: Yes, unfortunately money is a big part of it all! Maybe I will win the lottery someday and I can help change all of that! Haha

*RC Pro*: LOL I wish someone would!
*Ryan*: Seriously!

*RC Pro*: Okay let’s change subject slightly.
we all know about Tamiya but what other sponsor are you representing now?

*Ryan*: This year so far I am representing OS Engines, KO Propo, AKA tires, Advantage Racing Bearings, Ballistic Batteries, Pyrographix Paints.

*RC Pro*: If you get anymore sponsors your going to need to supply oxygen for us older race announcers during driver introductions!

*Ryan*: HAHA…There may be 2 or 3 more by the end of the year! lol…just so you can be prepared and all!

*RC Pro*: LOL
Okay for a lot of guys out there. Let’s say OS Engines how many engines would you normally go through in a year?

*Ryan*: Well this year I will be running more then ever, by a long shot! I already put 3 gallons on my 2 cars last week alone! It’s really hard to quantify, but I’m sure I will expect to get 7-10 gallons out of my engines before I do a rebuild!

*RC Pro*: Kind of shoots down the theory of sponsored guys using a new motor every event huh?

*Ryan*: Yea, but who knows what some of the other guys do! I will be taking my freshest motor to the “Big” events though. There are also those big events like Nationals and Worlds and other top events where we are sure to take new motors too. It is way more important to our sponsors that we do well and get good results than to have something go bad on us because we overlooked it or it was on the older side or what have you!

*RC Pro*: True!
I remember in the past this kid getting everything he could out of his tires to the point of rarely running new ones. I imagine things are different now?

*Ryan*: Yes, things are different now! haha, people ask where my drift driving style came from and I say it was from running 1 set of Kyosho Hard X tires for an entire year! LOL, When you don’t have the funds you make do with what you have! But yes, now with AKA tires I am able to “keep up with the Joneses” and run new tires when appropriate to get the top result that my sponsors expect!

*RC Pro*: Funny story about you…. I remember a remark by a fellow racer at the 2005 RC Pro Finals just after you Tqed. The comment after looking at your truck and tires was “how does he drive that thing?” I think you had 2 different tread designs on the truck.

*Ryan*: LOL…I don’t even remember but it definitely is not out of the realm of possibility. I remember many times last year where with my Panther tires I would mix up the compounds, most of the time on accident and I remember having 2 or 3 events where I had 3 softs and 1 MS or visa versa!

*RC Pro*: That’s not a surprise! LOL I think we have covered a wide range of things but is there anything you want to discuss or mention?

*Ryan*: I just want to thank everyone who has been a part of making me who I am in this Hobby! Everyone from My dad whom I would not be doing this at all without his getting me into it! To Dave Kingston for being instrumental in getting me my first big breaks into the industry. To Kyosho for giving me my first job and travel opportunities, all the way to Tamiya for now allowing me to do what I’ve always dreamed of! Also thanks to you Carlton for your involvement with R/C Pro and giving us
racers an excellent series to race and compete!

*RC Pro*: Thanks Ryan! I’ve had a blast watching you in the past and look forward to many more events in the future.
*Ryan*: Oh I plan on many more events and a Lot more fun!

*RC Pro*: What do you think of a back to back International Finals Championship this year?

*Ryan*: That would be a dream come true! I am for sure setting that as a goal of mine and I hope to make it come true!

*RC Pro*: Good luck! I have a feeling a couple people may look at preventing that this year.
But that’s what makes it fun right?

*Ryan*: I truly hope they do, more competition just makes it more fun! Exactly!

*RC Pro*: Ryan thanks again and I guess I need to let you get back to work.

*Ryan*: Thank you very much for this opportunity! I look forward to doing it again in the future!

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