For Bashers, By Bashers!

RC Rally Car Shootout – Jumping

Rally Car Shootout Jumping_00006

If you are a basher, you are a jumper, it’s just part of having fun with your rc.
Which of the cars in our Rally Shootout was the easiest to get airtime with? Check
out the results below.


PointsVehicleOverall Points
1HPI Ken Block WR87
2Traxxas Rally12
3Kyosho Demon13
4Thunder Tiger Mini Countryman18

By driver they ranked this way.

Brian- 1. HPI 2. Traxxas 3. Kyosho 4. Thunder Tiger
Tim- 1. HPI 2. Kyosho 3. Thunder Tiger 4. Traxxas
Bill- 1. HPI 2. Kyosho 3. Traxxas 4. Thunder Tiger
Adam- 1. HPI 2. Traxxas 3. Thunder Tiger 4. Kyosho
Craig- 1. Traxxas 2. Kyosho 3. HPI 4. Thunder Tiger


HPI – The HPI was nearly a unanimous winner in the jumping category. Why? Because it
was easier to control in the air and its massive power allowed you to jump farther
than any of the other cars in the shootout. The small, slim body of the HPI also had
the least amount of parachute effect, making it even easier to control after the
tires left terra firma.

Traxxas – The predictable chassis and good suspension made the Traxxas a good jumper
and lander. It’s extra large body made it hard to control in windy conditions.

Kyosho – The Kyosho was predictable in the air and its suspension made for soft
landings, but its power plant didn’t produce enough rpm to pick the nose up when

Thunder Tiger – The Thunder Tiger tended to “nose down” off jumps and it’s large
body caught more wind, making it harder to fly flat than the others

Next up, the ever important Durability category.