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RC Rally Car Shootout – Looks

RC Rally Car Shootout – Looks
BigSquidRC Rally Car Shootout Looks

Everyone has different tastes in what they think looks good in a car and there is no doubt a good looking car will far outsell an ugly one. Here’s how the four Rally Shootout combatants stacked up for looks when judged by our 5 Bash Crew members.


PointsVehicleOverall Points
1HPI Ken Block WR87
2Kyosho Demon10
3Thunder Tiger Mini Countryman16
4Traxxas Rally17

By driver they ranked this way.

Brian- 1. HPI 2. Kyosho 3. Traxxas 4. Thunder Tiger
Tim- 1. Kyosho 2. HPI 3. Thunder Tiger 4. Traxxas
Bill- 1. HPI 2. Kyosho 3. Traxxas 4. Thunder Tiger
Adam- 1. Kyosho 2. HPI 3. Thunder Tiger 4. Traxxas
Craig- 1. HPI 2. Thunder Tiger 3. Traxxas 4. Kyosho

Rally Car Shootout Looks


HPI – The HPI might have been a little too narrow to be perfectly scale, but that didn’t keep it from winning the Looks portion of our shootout. The ultra-hot Monster Energy/Ken Block paint scheme put it on top.

Kyosho – The scale proportions, detailing, and great looking yellow on black paint scheme put it in second place. Its wheels and tires were some of the best looking of the bunch.

Thunder Tiger – The Mini Countryman might have been a bit wide to be perfectly scaled, but it had nice detailing, a good paint scheme, and a good looking wheel/tire combo.

Traxxas – The Traxxas body didn’t look as scale as the others. Also, the florescent ascents and wheels just didn’t fit into a scale looking scheme. The Traxxas was the furthest from looking like its full size counterpart, and when sitting right next to the competition it looked the most “toy like”, thus landing it in fourth place.

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