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RC Rally Car Shootout – Loose Surface Driving

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RC Rally Car Shootout – Loose Surface Driving

Loose Surface Driving

A big part of driving a rally car is blasting it around dirt corners and going over rough terrain. We gathered up our 5 testers and hit some dirt to see which car worked best on the loose stuff. This is how our testers ranked the cars-


PointsVehicleOverall Points
1Kyosho Demon7
2Traxxas Rally12
3Thunder Tiger Mini Countryman13
4HPI Ken Block WR819

1. Kyosho Demon (7 overall pts)
2. Traxxas Rally (12 pts)
3. Thunder Tiger Mini Countryman (13 pts)
4. HPI Ken Block WR8 (18 pts)

By driver they ranked this way.

Brian- 1. Traxxas 2. Thunder Tiger 3. Kyosho 4. HPI
Tim- 1. Kyosho 2. Traxxas 3. Thunder Tiger 4. HPI
Bill- 1. Kyosho 2. Traxxas 3. HPI 4. Thunder Tiger
Adam- 1. Kyosho 2. Thunder Tiger 3. HPI 4. Traxxas
Craig- 1. Kyosho 2. Thunder Tiger 3. Traxxas 4. HPI

Check out these awesome action shots! They make great desktop wallpaper!


Kyosho – The soft suspension with lots of travel worked well on dirt. Its off-road’ish tires helped the Kyosho produced good grip levels while being exceptionally easy to drive. The Kyosho was picked #1 by 4 out of our 5 testers and was generally the head and shoulders favorite for driving on loose surfaces.

Traxxas – Right on the heals of the Kyosho was the Traxxas. The suspension on the Traxxas was also set-up well for bumps and ruts, while its LCG chassis made it easy to power around in the corners. The stock tires were a bit reason the Traxxas was so good on loose surfaces.

Thunder Tiger – The Thunder Tiger generally had good handling qualities on loose surfaces but its street tread type tires didn’t offer much grip. Where the Kyosho and Traxxas putting power to the ground the Thunder Tiger was left spinning.

HPI – The over aggressive steering, narrow stance, and nuclear power-plant made the HPI a handful to drive on dirt. It was fun to drive, but simply harder to make it do what you wanted it to than the others.

Next category up, the ever important Jumping.