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RC Rally Car Shootout – Pavement Driving

Rally Car Shootout Pavement Driving 1

RC Rally Car Shootout – Pavement Driving

One of the biggest selling points of a rally car is the ability to drive both on and off road. We gathered our Bash Crew and hit a huge stretch of pavement to find out which machine worked best. Our Bash Crew drove all the cars back to back until they had come up with their own opinions on which car was the best on-roader of the bunch.


PointsVehicleOverall Points
1Traxxas Rally8
2Thunder Tiger Mini Countryman10
3Kyosho Demon13
4HPI Ken Block WR819

By driver they ranked this way.
Brian- 1. Traxxas 2. Kyosho 3. Thunder Tiger 4. HPI
Tim- 1. Thunder Tiger 2. Traxxas 3. Kyosho 4. HPI
Bill- 1. Kyosho 2. Thunder Tiger 3. Traxxas 4. HPI
Adam- 1. Traxxas 2. Thunder Tiger 3. HPI 4. Kyosho
Craig- 1. Traxxas 2. Thunder Tiger 3. Kyosho 4. HPI


Traxxas– The Traxxas was exceptionally easy to drive on pavement. The stock tires were right on point with good mechanical grip while the chassis gave good steering and predictable handling without massive traction rolling. The Traxxas was a blast to drive and was voted first by three of our testers.

Thunder Tiger– The Thunder Tiger was an animal on pavement feeling much like a lowered down 8th scale buggy with street tires on it. The Thunder Tiger had good steering and the rear rotated nicely in corners. Good handling combined with a strong power system made the Thunder Tiger a lot of fun to drive on-road.

Kyosho– The Kyosho wasn’t a bad driving on-road machine, but it did suffer from too much chassis roll in the corners. The Kyosho had a lot of suspension travel that was set up a bit on the soft side, this resulted in a machine that would radically sway side to side in the corners. Otherwise, the tires gave good traction and its suspension soaked up road-joints very well.

HPI– The HPI came in last because it was set-up for drifting and had so much oversteer that it was hard to even drive in a straight line. It was almost a unanimous pick for the worst driving car on pavement, with only Adam “The Intern” placing it 3rd instead of last on his list.

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