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Tactic RC 2.4 Ghz TTX240 Radio Review

From: Tactic RC – Tactic RC

What: 2.4 GHz Radio TTX240

Review By: Brian S.

tactic rc 2.4ghz radio For all of you bashers out there, this may be one of the the biggest product news/review stories we post this year!
We will try to keep this short and to the point.
If you are using an AM or FM radio, and you have been thinking about saving up for one of those fancy 2.4GHz radios, go buy this one!

tactic rc 2.4ghz radio
This radio is about as simple as it gets, and while it’s not much of a step higher in features than the stock radio that came with your RTR vehicle, it gets you crystal free, so you no longer have to worry about what channel your friends are on, and you don’t have to wait for your pin at the local track!

tactic rc 2.4ghz radio We have been testing this radio for a while now, and the big news is that it works, and works well! It’s so cheap it hurts our heads. Why in the world have we (and everyone else on the planet) been paying $80-$100+ dollars for 2.4GHz receivers for our expensive radios, when the receivers that come with this radio are $25!!! And that’s the retail price! After the hobby shop gets their money! How and why is that even possible? Seriously!?

tactic rc 2.4ghz radio The transmitter itself is a no frills, down to business radio. It has your standard servo reversing toggles, steering and throttle trim dials, steering rate adjustment, a built-in-fail safe (returns servo’s to neutral if radio signal lost). It only needs 4 AA’s in the transmitter, so it’s light. It was VERY easy to use/install and bind.. and basically, it just works. It has a good feel/grip in your hand. There are more expensive radios that don’t feel nearly this good.

tactic rc 2.4ghz radio The only thing we were bummed about was that we couldn’t get the receivers to bind with any of our expensive transmitters that have $80+ receivers we need to buy. It also would of been nice to see some sort of model memory. That being said, it’s so simple, there are not many things you need to adjust when you are going from one vehicle to the next. We used the radio in several vehicles, in all sorts of locations, and have been completely glitch free.

If your a basher on a budget, and in need of dropping those pesky crystals, this radio should be on your shopping list!

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Time To Bash – 9/10 – Installed and binds fast!

Workability – 8/10 – Has the important adjustments, would of liked model memory.

Car Show Rating – 8/10 – Nothing special to look at, but looks good enough and feels good in your hand.

Bash-A-Bility – 10/10 – Receiver has taken a beating, no problems.

Big Squid Rating -9/10 – Tentacles.. If you need a 2.4 radio, and your on a budget, this radio is for you!