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RC Vehicle Storage Bins

Here’s one for the Tips For Bashers section that I have been meaning to add for a while. Then someone sent me an email saying we should write a ‘tip’ about this, and I thought.. yea, I need to get it done.

So this tip is all about storage of your RC vehicles. Around the Big Squid RC office we have tons of vehicles that are being worked on, tested, or just bashed. In the shop things get pretty crowded, and on our weekly road trips, stuff gets piled in the truck till we can’t move any more. Something we started doing a while back, to help keep parts straight and with the vehicle they belong with is to pick up these Rubbermaid or Sterlite style storage containers. They come in all sizes, but the common ones we use here are 58 quart and bigger. We buy them on sale for about $4 each and they really come in handy. They won’t really hold monster trucks, but 1/8th scale buggys and smaller fit fine.

There are a ton of uses. One great use is to keep all the extra spare parts together with the vehicle. Since we have so many vehicles we end up buying lots of extra/spare parts, and since this isn’t a hobby shop, we don’t have all the parts just hanging around on the wall for us to grab. Parts many times get tossed aside, and lost in a tool box, under a work bench, or who knows where. Tossing them all in the same container makes them easy to find.

Recently with all the photo shoots and traveling, we have been packing the vehicles we are taking with us in these bins, toss the radio that belongs with them, and maybe even a battery. The bins stack very nicely in the truck, nothing slides around, or smashes anything else, and it’s easy to see what’s what.

There are all sorts of different sizes, we use smaller ones for the 1/18th scale vehicles which works great because those things always have a way of being on the bottom of the pile of some monster truck and we end up breaking something before we get to a location.

They also help keep the transport vehicles clean. A recent bash we were at had a mud bog contest! So at the end of the day we had vehicles covered in mud and water, and no real good way to clean them off. Tossing them in the bins kept our truck interior clean till we could get back to headquarters and hose them down.

If your vehicle parts art starting to get lost in your workshop, or if you do a lot of travel, we highly recommend looking into some storage bins to help get organized.

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Posted by in tips on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 10:39 pm