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RC4WD 14th Flat Bed Hydraulic 4x4 Tow Truck

RC4WD 1/14 Flat Bed Hydraulic 4×4 Tow Truck

Now available from the good folks at RC4WD is a 1/14 Flat Bed Hydraulic 4×4 Tow Truck. The new tow truck from RC4WD is big on scale realism, as well as being built heavy enough for long days on the job. Check out these highlights-

* Flatbed winch
* Hard plastic European style cab
* Full metal 3 speed transmission
* Simulated air suspension
* Remote locking differentials
* Front cab latch
* Scale light buckets
* Recommended Payload – 15kg / 33lbs
* 930kV brushless motor-driven micro hydraulic pump
* Length – 728mm / 28.6in
* Width – 218.5mm / 8.60in
* Weight – 6.5kg / 14.3lbs
* 18 Channel 2.4GHz radio
* Includes orange ratchet straps with J-hooks

The RC4WD 1/14 Flat Bed Hydraulic 4×4 Tow Truck has a part number of #VV-JD00068 and is street priced at $2,899.

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