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RC4WD 24th R8 Micro Transmission F130 Micro Motor

RC4WD 1/24 R8 Micro Transmission w/ F130 Micro Motor

New from RC4WD is the 1/24th scaled R8 Micro Transmission w/ F130 Micro Motor. This upgrade transmission is a perfect fit for your 1/24 Trail Finder II and can be a free upgrade to verified 1/24 TF2 owners. Here are the highlights-

* Injection molded plastic case
* Includes F130 micro brushed motor
* Gear Ratio T-Case – 16:1
* Includes full bearing set
* Output Shaft OD – 2.0mm
* Length – 1.81in / 46mm
* Width – 1.10in / 28mm
* Weight: 0.97oz / 27.7g

The RC4WD R8 Micro Transmission is street priced at $24 and has a part number of #Z-U0023.

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Posted by in New Products on Monday, July 3rd, 2023 at 2:00 pm