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RC4WD Trailer R350 Compact Track Loader

RC4WD Announces Accessories For Their R350 Track Loader

Recently announced by RC4WD is a trio of cool accessories for their R350 Track Loader. The RC4WD R350 track loader has insane scale realism, but with a few accessories, you can make it even more lifelike! Here are the new goodies-

1/14 Trailer for R350 Track Loader
* Stainless steel frame
* Read wood deck
* Total Length- 20.6″
* Width- 8.54″
* Load Capacity- 11.0lbs
* Weight- 2.42lbs
* Part Number- #VV-JD00051
* $369

1/14 Grapple for R350 Track Loader
* Made from stainless steel
* Max Capacity- 6.83lbs
* Outside Width- 6.07″
* Weight- 12.0oz
* Part Number- #VVV-S0242
* $269

1/14 Pallet Forks for R350 Track Loader
* Made from stainless steel
* Easy to install and remove
* Heavy duty construction
* Frame Length- 4.60″
* Fork Blade Length- 3.07″
* Part Number- #VVV-S0247
* $139

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