For Bashers, By Bashers!


What’s up everyone, Jeremy here. So last week I was doing some shopping at Nothing big, just needed a new windshield for the farm truck build. As I was checking out a little box popped up saying for 5 dollars more I could get a mystery bag. Um, YES PLEASE!!! So, when I seen that beautiful RC4WD package on my door step I was excited!

I didn’t even care about receiving that last part to finish the farm truck build. I was more interested in the mystery bag and all its wonder. After opening the mystery bag I was glad I made the choice to pick it up. My mystery bag had a scale gas can, warn winch covers, scale chainsaw and some scale stickers. The funny thing is, I have been looking to get a scale Chainsaw for a few weeks. I couldn’t help but think, are all the mystery bags the same? After seeing a few posts on Facebook I got my answer; and that is No! I saw one person received a full set of tires and a scissor jack. So, if you got a mystery bag on the way there is no telling what goodies you will get.

As it sits right now RC4WD has taken down the mystery bags but keep an eye out in the near future for more to possibly pop up. As for right RC4WD still has some great deals going on. For example, the RC4WD Blazer hard body set with digital camo is only $87.50 and the RC4WD-Gelande-II-LWB-RTR w/ D110 Body Set for $399.00 to name a few things. So, head over to the RC4WD Official Website to see all their great deals and for more Big Squid RC RC4WD news Click the Right Here.


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Posted by in RC4WD on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 10:50 am