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RC4WD Break-In Testing Unit

RC4WD RC Truck Break-In Testing Unit

RC4WD Break-In Testing Unit
How about this one for a unique product? RC4WD has announced their new Break-In Testing Unit. This is basically a set of rollers that allows you to run your truck/car/buggy on the test bench. Having a testing unit such as this can come in mighty handing when breaking in your truck or to make sure it is functioning properly after doing some wrenching.

* Frame made from CNC machined aluminum
* Black anodized finish
* Weight- 1149 grams
* Roller OD- .98″
* Width- 5.98″
* Length- 13.98″
* Height- 1.57″

The part number is #Z-X0014 and they are street priced at $69 each (you will need two of these for a 4wd truck). You can find more details at This Link over on the official RC4WD website.

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