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RC4WD has just dropped the scale Mic with the release of the new Trail Finder 2 LWB Chevrolet Scottsdale body set! Ever since the RC4WD Blazer body set came out, it has been a very popular body for scale builders. I myself have built 4 of them, and plan on a few more down the road. Turning the Blazer into a K10 is a very common mod, but not the easiest to do if you’re not good at RC body work. The last three years RC Everyday and I have had mega in-depth conversations, about how cool it would be if RC4WD made a Chevy K10 TF2. I am happy to say the wait is over! Let’s dig into the new rig, and see what it’s got!

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Review By: Jeremy Griffith
Photography By: Jeremy Griffith
Test Drivers: Jeremy Griffith, RC Jesus AKA Nick Barber

RTR or Kit: RTR
Ages: 14+
2wd or 4wd: 4WD
Shaft or Belt: Shaft
Electric or Gas:  Electric
Waterproof: Water Resistant
Scale:  1:10
Axels: K44 Ultimate Scale Cast Axles
Shocks: Super scale 70MM white shocks W/ internal springs
Wheelbase: 314.0mm (12.3”)
Motor: 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 45T
Low voltage cut off: yes
Radio: 2.4GHz XR3 3- Channel Transmitter
ESC: Outcry III Waterproof ESC
Servo: Twister High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo
Screws: Hex
Chassis: Trail Finder 2 Long Wheelbase
Bearings: Yes
Tires:  RC4WD BFGOODRICH Mud Terrain KM 1.9” Scale Tires
Wheels: Rally 1.9” Silver Beadlock Wheels
Part Number: Z-RTR0062
Street Price: $549.99
Run Time (measured by BSRC) 2hrs with a PitBull RC 3s 3400 MAH
Top Speed: 7MPH
Primary Competition: Axial Adventure, Traxxas, Element RC.

Build Quality: The new Scottsdale looks amazing out of the box. From the paint to the tires the rig is ready for the trails.

Set up notes: Out of the box you will have to do some work before hitting the trails. The front and rear bumpers need to be installed, as well as opening up the receiver box to plug in the lights. RC4WD supplies you with a detailed decal sheet. The decal sheet has the body trim, back window trim, wood grain or gray trim for the dash, and a bunch of wicked scale stickers.

Test Venues: Daniel Boone National Forest, Big Squid RC Farm.

Turning: The rig had no problems on the trails turning. And did better than expected on the harder obstacles. Setting the servo directions to the highest setting on the remote makes a world of difference in the way the rig gets around. And is also overlooked when getting your first Trail Finder for the most part. Crank them to 11 and rip the knob off!!

Crawling: The Trail Finder 2 is a scale crawler. Heads up against an Axial or Element rig, the Trail Finder 2 will fall short in performance. The Trail Finder 2 is not made to be the best crawler. However, it is made to be scale. Driving the new Scottsdale K10 on the scale trails at the Big Squid RC Farm, has been fantastic. The rig looks great and has even been able to handle some tougher obstacles. The Adjusted pinion angle in the rear has made the drive line much smoother.

Broken parts: We had no broken parts during the testing of the new rig. But we did have to tighten down a few hex screws on the front end, but nothing crazy.

Best Mod: The Trail Finder 2 has been around for some time now. There are a bunch of FREE mods you can do to the rig. Like removing leaf’s so, the rig flexes better, or taking out the blocks on the axels to get the rig to sit lower, as well as a handful of others. The Mod I would do first is get a bench seat from ShrinkRC and replace the stock seats.


Time to bash: You need to mount the bumpers, and the body still takes screws to mount. Getting a Trail Finder 2 ready to hit the trails takes a little longer, but the wait is worth it.

Workability: The Trail Finder 2 is an easy rig to work on. As well has a massive amount of product support and upgrades available.

Car Show Rating: RC4WD has hit a home run with the new Chevy Scottsdale K10! The improved interior is wicked and shows that RC4WD is heading in the right direction when it comes to scale rigs. The Paint looks just as good as a 1:1 paint job. The Tailgate latch was also changed to fit the model of Chevy. With Front and rear factory lights installed, the new Trail Finder 2 Chevy Scottsdale can now trail in the dark right out of the box. Normally a trail Finder 2 comes with some tiny tires aka 1.55s. Since the new rig is lifted the 1.9 wheels and tires don’t look ridiculous and fit the rigs style quite nicely. Over the years we have seen a lot of beautiful rigs come through our office. The new Trail Finder Chevrolet Scottsdale is a head turner and is in my personal top 3 of best scale RTRs!

Handling: This revamped version of the TF2 is rocking the K44 axels. Along with them being scale to the rig, the rear axle is angled up. The angle has made the TF2s Driveline smoother and will cause the axel to hang up less on obstacles.

Value: When you break it down the TF2 Scottsdale is a true RTR. The Rig comes with everything you need to get started. Battery, charger, and even AAs for the transmitter. Add on the licensed Chevrolet Scottsdale hardbody, and the value is on point.

Parts Availability: The RC4WD Trail Finder 2 LWB is a chassis that has been around for a while. Over the years RC4WD has developed upgrades for the TF2 platform, and has a large catalog of options for parts.

Big Squid Rating: In the scale crawler world, a TF2 is the main rig of choice. Lots of options to make it your own with different body’s, wheels, tires, and accessories. The new Trail Finder 2 LWB Chevrolet Scottsdale K10 is a perfect addition to the RC4WD lineup. We look forward to seeing what all the scale builders will do with the new rig!

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